Round 1


What does your trainer do for a living? Do they help nurse Pokémon back to health alongside chansey and Nurse Joy? Or are they out there fighting crime beside granbull and Officer Jenny? Maybe they stick to the labs and do research with other professors! Show us in the first round of TPP!

Your entry should portray some sort of uniform that indicates their profession/ trainer type. Their companion should be something that fits with their profession, as well.

When you submit, please send to and use this form:
  • Name:
  • Trainer Name:
  • Trainer Profession:
  • Pokémon:
  • Pokémon's Name:
  • Base:
  • Doll:

  • Due Date: May 1st


Celia the Breeder | Ditto and Vulpix
Creator | Base

Important Dates

Round 1: May 1, 2017
Round 2: June 5, 2017
Round 3: July 3, 2017